Who we are and why we're doing this

With 30 years of experience between us working with technology we’ve seen a lot of change in how we interact with the world. As technology has become universal, with doctor’s appointments going online and high street banks closing, we found people who wanted to be part of it but couldn’t find someone with the time and patience to help them.

Our journey began working together for a major network where we found the focus on sales over support got in the way of offering the correct solutions and the after care was just not there. When helping and guiding customers we found this satisfying and rewarding. 

We have had people saying “can I take you home with me?” We came up with the idea of how to help. With a service where we come to your location and solve your problems from a slow computer to poor Wi-Fi coverage or even setting up a new gadget. If you would like to become more confident with your technology we can do the really tricky bits and teach you to do the rest.