Amazon Fire TV Sticks

Make an old TV smarter

If your TV is not smart or you get frustrated making it work, a Fire Stick will give you access to services like iPlayer, YouTube and Netflix with an easy to use interface. 

They have an Alexa button which allows you to use your voice to search for things which is easier than using a TV remote as a keyboard. You can also choose what to watch from your phone or tablet.

Connecting and setting them up is easy or you can contact us to plug it in and get you comfortable with it.

These are our favourite products from the range.

For smaller TV's

The Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick Lite both stream in Full HD (often called 1080p) and would be ideal for a smaller TV in a bedroom or the kitchen. They both have Alexa built into the remote so you can easily access what you want without fiddling with menus. The Lite doesn’t have buttons to control your TV (so you’ll need two remotes) and also doesn’t have Dolby Atmos (the latest method of connecting to surround sound) but is a fair bit cheaper.

This Fire TV Stick is great for a smaller TV and can control the TV itself

This Fire TV Stick is great for a smaller TV but you'd need both remotes

For Larger TV's

The Fire TV Stick 4k Max is our pick of the available 4k products. It is able to provide a 4k signal to your TV so would be great for a larger main TV.

The interface is faster and more responsive than the other Fire Sticks so if you use it a lot or are short on patience this is the one for you.

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