Upgrade your winter wardrobe with the best Heated Vests

From budget to premium, we've got you covered

Heated gilets are a fantastic way to stay warm during the colder months, whether you’re going on a dog walk, watching sports, or working outside. They are less bulky than a large coat, lightweight, and always have a charger for your devices.

When it comes to budget options, we have two unisex vests to choose from. The first one is from Shaalek, it is good value, is designed to be worn under other clothes, has 5 heating zones and includes a battery pack. The second one is from the Rrtizan range; it has 5 heating zones, does not include a battery pack so you will need to use your existing one or purchase one which will be the final item we tell you about. It has 3 heating levels.

In the mid-range category, options are aplenty. The first is from Wanfei’s range, it has 4 large heating elements, 3 heating levels, does not include a battery pack, and is machine washable. The second is from Techstuph, it has 5 heating elements, includes a neck warmer, is water-resistant and includes a power bank.

In the premium category, there are also two high-end options to choose from. The first is from ORORO. This gilet is a men’s design, it has 4 heating elements including a neck warmer, is water-resistant, is machine washable, has a dedicated compact battery pack and is stylish with a premium look. The final vest is from Kintiwe, it is designed for women, has 5 heating zones, is water-resistant, has a longer lasting battery, is available in black, white, purple or green and has a stylish slim fit.

The power bank we are suggesting is from Anker, it has a 10000mAh capacity.


Upgrade your winter wardrobe today with one of these top-rated heated gilets.

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